USSO&ESSO International Webinar "Pseudomyxoma peritonei" 24th of March 2022

Dear colleagues!


Welcome to the official website of the Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology.


The main goal of USSO is to improve interdisciplinary treatment of cancer developing the science and the practice of surgical oncology for the benefit of the cancer patients through a wide range of activities:


•          taking a multidisciplinary approach combining the expertise of surgical oncologists with specialists of medical fields such as: radiologists, medical oncologists, pathologists, etc., in order to improve the quality of cancer care and reduce  morbidity and mortality  of the patients with cancer


•          informing about educational and scientific opportunities throughout our newsletter, website and social media


•          supporting quality assurance projects towards  the improvement of cancer care for all patients in Ukraine


•          upholding the international standards of cancer care and introduce our own modern methods of treatment providing  high-quality treatment for our patients


•          exchanging the scientific information among our members and the Ukrainian medical community through conferences and seminars


•          providing  great opportunities for our members to extend their knowledge of surgical oncology and improve surgical skills by taking part in fellowships and advanced courses as well as scholarships and exchange programs with our partners abroad


Looking forward to seeing all of you as members of the Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology.


With kind regards and best wishes of success in work and training.


The president of the Ukrainian Society of Surgical Oncology


Deputy director
of the National Cancer Institute


Lukashenko Andriy